This SlackBuild currently contains over 400 wallpapers and images related to Slackware that are fit for use as your desktop wallpaper. I am not the author of any of the images, they have been collected from around the Internet and submitted by Slackware users. To track down the owner/creator of each image would be a next to impossible task so if you see your work included and would like credit or your image removed, please contact me.

The latest tarball is here: slack-wallpapers-0.446.tar.bz2
The SlackBuild is here: slack-wallpapers

The tarball is currently about 270MB and when uncompressed it is about 300MB.

You do not need to build the package to use the wallpapers, it only makes it more convenient for desktop environments to find them. You can unpack the tarball to any directory you like and pick and choose which images you want and those you don’t.

Small preview:

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